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Indonesia is known as the largest archipelago in the world. Consisting of 5 main islands with numerous unique characteristics distinguish this country from others. If you are looking for low cost yet high benefit investment, come to Indonesia! As Indonesia is one of the biggest emerging market in South East Asia, investor might expect a great experience of investing here. Political stability, investor-friendly procedure, healthy economic environment assure investors to be involved in sound and safe business activities.

This website provides a wide range of information about Investment Projects, business matchmaking, and Investment Procedure in Indonesia. Project profiles are available by location, sector, and investment value. For further interest please fill in the enquiries box below.

“Have prosperity with Indonesia!”

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We are Indonesian Professionals currently based in London having experiences and expertises in the area of investment promotions and consultancies…read more.

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We know that investor need to determine the projects carefully. So we provide project information based on different criteria… read more.

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Here we introduce several important steps needed to invest…read more.

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